Marketing Equipment To Improve Your Viewers UnfoldAdvertising and marketing Instruments To Increase Your Audience Spread

Marketing Equipment To Improve Your Viewers UnfoldAdvertising and marketing Instruments To Increase Your Audience Spread

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What Tools are out there to Aid the Creative Process?
See yourself as an artist and discover renewable ways to create good work for the sake of others. The strategy begins first, by establishing foundation concepts through identifying the core values of a project. Then, we’ll create a content explosion through the free association process, identifying related content on an exponential scale. Next, we’ll assemble note-sketched descriptive, setting the stage for all possibilities. Then, we’ll pull back the curtain and bring our vision to life through rough sketching, exploring multiple iterations. Finally, we’ll examine our strongest concept contenders and explore a range of variations.

Learn To Make Your Best Work And Become Who You Are In The Process with Mind Maps
Create a mind map by placing a word or image in the center of a blank page, then go through and write any ideas you have and connect them to the center image.

The process chart contains the documentation process & insights of the project, titled ‘Wonderful’ by Joeey Lek
While these processes may appear somewhat formulaic, the more they’re practiced, the more they’ll become second nature. Incorporating a creative process or method gives the designer two things. First, it gives the creative a greater range of alternatives to select from. Secondly, it legitimizes the concepting process, allowing your creative to retrace the path they took from start to finish.

When have you found it ineffective or detrimental to a creative process to collaborate with other people?
Having a wide array of choices available is very often the difference between delivering a good concept as opposed to a great concept. Being able to retrace the route functions as one of the best resources a creative has in defending their concept, or as I like to say educating your client. This often times is the distinct difference in being able to convince a client that your concept is the absolute best approach. Versus having your idea tossed aside, and the job going to someone else. Ultimately, one of the most important things a creative can do is produce as many different ideas as possible.

Recommended Book: Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers

There are a variety of different resources I use to boost the creative process:

Read a New Book: New York Times Bestseller List , Goodreads
Browse the Web: StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, Reddit, LifeHacker
Stay Up to Date on the Latest News: CNN, Google News, BBC News
Meet People with Similar Interests, or Try New Things: Meetup
Learn a New Hobby or Skill: DiscoverAHobby, Skillshare,
DIY or Learn to Make Something: Instructables, CraftZine
Find Cool Products: Wanelo, Fancy, Fab, Incredible Things
Learn About the World: HowStuffWorks, TED
Focus on Self Improvement: ZenHabits, PositivityBlog, The Happiness Project, MindTools, Titantwister
Go Back to School: iTunes U, Academic Earth, Khan Academy
View Unique Art: DeviantArt
These Startup tools will help you in Planning and Bootstrapping
Concept and Initialization Stage in which you worried about learning, idea generation, naming your startup, raising capital, investor relations, buying cool domain names, considering cheap hosting options, performing market researches for validation with the help of Forms and Surveys and launching etc.

Begin Startup Schooling form Startup School,
Create MVP using Product Hunt or Intercom on Product Management,
Get inspired by learning from successful startups using UX Timeline,
Do concept validation using ProductGraveyard or Collapsed while discovering failures from the past by fellow entrepreneurs,
Construct your Startup Roadmap using FounderKit or AHA,
Rely on Creately for mockups and wireframing or access Entrepreneurial Tools for more amazing options,
Perform business valuation using Equidam
Set your product or service prices using precedents for Pricing Pages for better price positioning,
Static Site Generation using Gatsby, sky rocket using Launchpad for Sketch, or build your website in moments Wix,
Get access to Free Website Theme using Template Stash,
Seek investors using PitchBook or Investor List or F6S,
Perform Logo designing using Logo Dust,
Compose User Interface for your Landing Pages / Coming Soon Websites using UI Temple or UI Movement,
Get best of the business Landing Page inspirations using LandingFolio,
Access flat icons Feather for your design needs,
Choose Palettes and Themes using CoolHue, Web Gradients or Coolers or you can use Adobe Color Wheel to make cool swatches and gradients,
Adopt Video/Animation Onboarding for Mobile Apps using Elasticode
Explore Lottie by Airbnb or Extension for development purposes,
Check Website Responsiveness using FullStory for deployment and feedback and bug tracking analysis,
Screenshot using Loom for presentations or Recordit for product demo; while you can silence embarrassing notifications while screen sharing using Muzzle,
Perform Document Collaboration using Google Docs or SpreadShare,
Do Time Management using EzyTime,
Predict Cash Flow Forecast using YNAB,
Control expenses using BudgetSimple before launching your startup.
Executing and Refining your performance using these Startup Tools
Running Stage where you may be considering to outsource to improve your sales, enhance CRM, read a lot of books, read blogs, write articles, watch hours of videos to bring perspective to your startup.

Start managing Financials using Wave or GNUCash or Mint or MoneyDance or Xero to serve your early users,
Perform Team Communication using Slack, BaseCamp, Asana or Trello or DropBox Paper or Front 2.0,
Win Customer Relationship Management using Drift 2.0 and for Mobile App startups using Batch,
Adopt Responsive Email Platform using mjml.,
Explore Email Templates using HTML Email or Drip Scripts or you can use Templates for Gmail,
Build your Company Culture following existing giants using Culture Codes
Imitate perfect corporate identities using Just Good Copy,
Start making/saving Notes using Evernote,
Record testimonials using Cassette 2.0,
Consider Securing Your Data using SpiderOak,
Set Video Team Meets using Appear or Zoom,
Start Scheduling Meets using Doodle or Mixmax Calendar,
Build Social Media reach using automation with the help of Social Media Calendar by Buffer or Sprout Social or Klout,
Design Integration using GoAbstract or Facebook Design Resources or Pablo by Buffer or Canva or Freebiesbug,
Archive Photostocks using Unsplash or Pixabay 2.0 or Pexels 2.0 or All The Free Stock or Stock Snap,
Populate Dashboards for analytic using Cyfe or internet speed test by Fast,
Why reinvent the wheel, access existing APIs using API List or APIgee.
Technology Directory on Growth and Expansion
This is the Churn Stage where you are booming with need to grow by bringing changes in your online shop platform, payment methods, legal advisory setup, finance control, Human Resource Management, and send newsletters to keep the dice rolling.

Growth hack using The Bamf Bible or Growth Supply or Marketing Stack or App Marketing Stack or Freelancer Stack could help you achieve the growth you deserve,
Perform Project/Task Management using Yodiz or Taskque or ProofHub for all your project management needs,
Acquire Legal aid in contract signing using Bonsai improving customer support methodology via improved service level agreements,
Perform E-mail list building using Mailchimp among other marketing activities or find email lead generation using Hunter,
Get Insights to Growth Analytic using Google Analytics or more specifically for mobile app analytic,
Access improved Invoicing using iBilling or Due or Eccountant to increase productivity,
Build Communities using Brick by Brick among other social tools,
Accomplish Social Media Providence accessing SM Academy by Buffer,
Get Blog post title generation ideas using Portent or Hubspot,
Perform Search Engine Optimization using Google Keyword Planner or Longtail Pro or SEMRush or BuzzSumo or Ninjaoutreach,
Develop Case study generation by fetching client logos using Clearbit Company Logo API,
Get Startup Coverage using Submit for collaboration and communication.
By adopting a do-it-yourself ethos, entrepreneurs are working with a set of tools uniquely tailored to meet the challenges, of trans-media communication.

Traffic Extractor
TRAFFIC XTRACTOR Ultimate – Get on Page 1 Of Google & YouTube in MINUTES and Get All The Free Traffic You Want!

LinkedIn Extractor
What does your professional platform look like?
After having remained a Premium LinkedIn member for over two years, I realised LinkedIn had to add no value to my professional network beside giving me features like Inmail which is not to oblivious if you know how to use It also gave me insights like who saw my profile which has no significance until you had a superficial satisfaction that recruiters were seeing your profile. Only fruitful thing out of this investment in LinkedIn would be people noticing a badge and hence most likely to join a connect request (that too, you can only flunk the “provide user email bit” if invited through Mobile apps or Tablets). One thing I realised is that the LinkedIn marketing tokens of $50 in sponsored ads were no more coming after a lot whole.
Beside all this, I possess an all star profile from the start. This makes me think that people are incentivised for filling out real and more and more information. I came across an excellent LinkedIn tool to extract email addresses. This tool can be controlled to give access to emails from Instagram as well after a few tweaks.
Here is the exclusive video:

Last but not the least, share in your profile so I give you my first impressions on it.
P.S.: I have some world class contacts. Do you qualify to be a contact to those:
Learn to Optimize your Website for Lead Generation

Bulk Whatsapp Sender
This is the age of the “Family” Whatsapp group. WhatsApp has built a community of more than 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide by allowing them to message friends for free. The service has become much more than a no-cost chatting app. The description of the social bonding and peer pressure sounds similar to the theme of the 2017 movie “The Circle”. Whatsapp is idle chatter that gets consumed without too many defences, and without having to test it against any form of external reality. It’s interesting that, depending on content and context, everything that’s a positive can just as easily be the worst aspect of whatsapp as well. It lives in a self reinforcing bubble, a vicious circle of affirmations between people just like us with no tolerance of dissent or discussion. Families feels warm and dysfunctional at the same time. Every argument inevitably becomes acquiesce or a new whatsapp group.

What does WhatsApp offer today? What is its personality?

A service multiuse:

You can message someone you know (Conversation with someone of whom the phone number is in your contacts list).
You can message a group of people you know (Conversation with two or more people of whom the phone number is in your contacts list ).
In recent years, the authorities have caught on to WhatsApp’s potential for engaging more directly with the Pakistani public, especially in some of the country’s megacities.
Increasing women’s safety
Reporting offences
Holding politicians to account
Helping terror victims
In a country where education and psychological support are limited, whatsapp can be an important tool to spread knowledge. Whatsapp does set itself apart in the intimacy and homogeneity that it provides with its own unwritten membership rules.

Messaging domain is moving backwards
There seem to be gazillion messaging apps out there that are all about creating little walled gardens where you are not allowed to talk to anyone outside the garden with mostly questionable business models along the lines of get: millions of users, ????, Facebook buys you. So Whatsapp social media technology users don’t talk to Facebook Messenger users who don’t talk to google IM, etc. People are keeping a long WhatsApp list to show their powerful social network. It’s a very visible network. Very useful though and used extensively for Business in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Give an insight story where we can connect emotions
Whatsapp $16+ billion acquisition, destroying the Telecom Industry is one of its major effects as well. It got us more involved in the Digital World that’s for sure. It takes great discipline not to let social media consume your life and identity! Whatsapp has effectively turned into a tracking tool. WhatsApp chose convenience over privacy and security, but here’s how you can fix this. By the way, an “attempt to intercept messages” is only detectable if you activate “show security notification” (In WhatsApp, go to: Settings > Account > Security > show security notifications: on).

What’s That? WhatsApp Goes Full Encryption. Future possibile features:
Messaging with someone we don’t know (Conversation with two or more people of whom the phone number is NOT in your contacts list but that are part of our #Channel or a #Channel we are part of).
Personal use (Following interesting #Channels ).
A tool I use for improving Alexa. It should not be meant for embedding frames for earning.

Is hit leap traffic safe for my website waiting Adsense approval? No. Been there done that! It doesn’t help!

OBS and Whereby
OBS is a streaming software that I use for online streaming on Youtube or Facebook. Whereby is an online video conferencing tool that I use for video meetings.

Online Monetization Through Affiliate And Influencer Marketing

Psychology Of Personal Brand

Promotions as Influencer:

Why AdSense?
YouTube Pay Rate Per View

Well I help people and businesses acclaim their social branding quotient they deserve. I do it by creating a hype in the digital world by continuous self-bragging and ARTICLE SHARING ON ALL INFLUENTIAL CHANNELS that I have created or simmered through over the past 13 years of my online journey. I have an influencer network of a whopping 71,000 followers.

Currently, I monetize my projects via AdSense, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, Amazon Associates, Fiverr, Daraz (both affiliate and ecommerce store), Walee, Commission Junction and Rakuten Affiliate accounts.

Walee PayoutCreating value from matching the right connections between each side of today’s marketplace will separate the winners from losers in next generation Influencer Marketing. The mixing of technology, content and brands is only just beginning. Brands would find social/digital ambassadors in other teams/departments so that your entire organization feels like they have skin in the game for the success of your social content and engagement strategy. They would bring it into the Pakistani Social Media editorial. As soon as executives see the storytelling potential in platforms — Snapchat and Facebook Live are today’s two best examples—it becomes easier to think about platform strategy and personal branding investment from the very beginning of the production process. Brands need to identify who matters to their audience. It has to make sense for that person Camp to be involved with their product. We need to understand why they would recommend it. Phlip Kotler’s principles of marketing:

A focus on addressing people’s needs and the benefits which he would deliver to them and
A concentrated process of communication and exchange with an inflamed base.
What’s changed recently is an explosion of technology and social media. With the advent of YouTube, everyday people achieved fame and immense followings. At the same time, the rise of ad blocking software has also created obstacles for marketers and called for new strategies to reach consumers. Now, with a myriad of social media and video sharing platforms, there are many opportunities for brands with varying budgets to reach their consumers in a more authentic and intimate way. Therefore, it is no surprise that social media influencer marketing is growing exponentially.

Read A Case Study About Pakistani Influencer: Nasir Khan Jan

Psychology Of Personal Brand
Influencers marketing personnel aren’t just YouTube stars or people with thousands of Twitter followers. They are everyday folks who have conversations with friends and family. With technology now, we can also focus on individuals as micro influencers. Whereas I see the Influencer marketing is generally focused on those klouts with big followers, which is great, I need that too, but let’s not forget about the general populous.

As an ultimate influencer marketing wiz kid, I at also think that a lot of companies are missing their biggest source of influencers: their employees. Facilitating one’s employees to be more social and building their trust to believe in the brand and products would mean more families and friends buying those products because that information is coming from a credible source from within them. There is nothing like in-person meetings to really understand influencers marketing and also encourage influencers to work with brands. Those in-person interactions help create a brand loyalty that you just can’t buy.

Deconstructing influencers
With too much focus on the trend with big data when small data, well gained and used, are very useful for building brands, etc., too. The consumers want to have is the freshness of data delivered to them contextually and the content must be relevant. Two things we want three things we desire – relevance , freshness and authenticity of information. If an influencer wants to pitch a bunch of stuff that sucks they might lose that stature. Opening up the universe of content to brands and the resources of brands to the raw talent is hugely exciting (new) and relevant (sympathetic to content consumption) yet fraught with difficulty (it is new), complexity (there are many nodes in the chain) and as yet unproven.
While many think that influencer marketing is a recent phenomenon, it has actually existed in marketing for quite sometime. Influencer marketing is the process of a brand partnering with someone that holds influence and importance with the brand’s target audience. Using this definition, it has been done with radio personalities mentioning brands, blogging, and the standard celebrity endorsement for quite some time. I am listing down 5 non-celebrity influencers that I follow on Instagram, YouTube, and/or any other platform. For each of them, I have written in some detail what content they make (in videos, stories, images, etc.). I have written down all the ways they add value in my life (e.g. what I learn, what habits I form, what mindsets I adopt, etc., because of them).

Influencer Content Value For You

Kulsum Khan

Public speaking, Personal Branding

If she can, why I can n’t

Raza Akber


Free templates

Hamna Shah


Knowing the life of a barrister, conference details.

Idrees Farooq


Free tips

Ayah Alfawaris


Inspiration for Solar education

Promotions as Influencer:
Another way of monetization is by enabling your Personal Blogging Network with AdSense.

AdSense is a master way of generating revenue from online website and blog (your online diary). If you are active on Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You should think of starting a website or a blog of your own e.g. if you think your friends and family support you with likes on making good food and appreciate your post about it? There you have an idea.

Why AdSense?
AdSense is a product by Google. If I promote my website on AdWords (targeting Keywords searched on Google Search Engine or partner networks) then Google is paying a whopping 68% of my budget to you if my add shows on your website or blog.

You can generate revenue by targeting my website related keywords in your content, and thus the more competition I have I will be interested in paying higher cost per click to Google to make sure my advert shows on your blog.

My checklist for enabling AdSense monetization on a new website/blog:

1. Profanity: Should not promote/sell explicit category content.
2. Content: Should be engaging and worth it.
3. Theme: For WordPress in specific there has to be a specific well widgetted theme. In general, navigation has to be extraordinary.
4. Traffic: Non bot, organic traffic with high CTR.
5. SEO: Search console integrated and pinged for indexing.

Frequenly Asked Questions (Yes/No)
1. Is keeping your website/blog on SSL mandatory?
2. Is sizeable traffic required for approval?
3. New blog can also apply?
4. Is there a way you can collaborate with me?

If you already applied to AdSense and got rejected. Do not lose hope. Inbox me, I have multiple ways around.

Well AdSense works equally well with YouTube because YouTube is also a partner network and owned by Google.

How much does YouTube pay Commission per 1000 views?
There are no guarantees under the YouTube partner agreement about how much, or whether, YouTube pay Commission per 1000 views. Or would Google Adsense even pay for youtube views?

Earnings are generated based on a share of advertising revenue generated when people view your video – so more views may lead to more revenue.

YouTube Pay Rate Per View
On average, you can earn $.80 according to 1,000 perspectives monetized by banner advertisements, or, $five-$8 consistent with 1,000 views on a video monetized by means of rollout commercials (the advertisements before the video). So, on a video with 1,000,000 views monetized by rollout ads, you can earn $five,000-$eight,000.

Youtube/Google stocks ~45% of their advert sales from the content material with the content material writer. The ad revenue is amassed when a viewer clicks on an ad. that is referred to as price in keeping with click on. Now, CPC can range primarily based at the ad.

You may anticipate an accounting firm to pay a better CPC than a toothbrush business enterprise because their patron Lifetime cost (CLV) is better. Youtube/Google goes to pick the commercials they location based totally on the very best probability of a click. elements that come in to play include the individual viewer and the facts Google has on them, and the subject of the video.

How do you capture YouTube Traffic?

Easy, use Google keyword planner and you can see(for free) what keywords people are searching for.
Make videos optimized for those keywords. (High Quality)
Videos with lots of views will PERMANENTLY rank for these search terms, exposing you to ALL FUTURE traffic!
If you don’t have enough subscribers to get you those views, you’ll want to buy them for the time being.
Soon, you’ll have enough ranking videos and subscribers to rank for a good number of keywords, and you’ll begin growing organically.
There are lots of things you can do to boost your video that don’t involve spending anything.
Getting Bored Watch This Video Gone Viral! National Anthem

I have traveled 8 different countries around the world. Read my article Pakistan equates to. I bought this amazing and handy Graphic Design tool from my trip to Thailand.

In 2023, Pakistani Social Media will see the next phase of platform adoption in VR, including Facebook’s Oculus. We know this is 10 year plan for Facebook, and having been diving deep I think people will be surprised at the existing level of sophistication.) Add in HTC and Google to the mix, and we will have increased understanding of the potential of virtual spaces – including what it will mean for social and business. Add in consumer 360 degree content to the mix, with a push from YouTube and Facebook too, there will be fun for consumers and producers alike. It’s time to get creative and ready to explore what we all know will be a big wave of change in Pakistani Social Media. Contact for knowing what horizons I deliver with our influencer network.

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